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Return & Refund policy

Last modified: 05.08.2018

We have 14-day return & refund policy.

Within 14 days, you can ask for full refund or partial refund. In case your order has been already shipped (and/or you have already received it), you must send back the products UNOPENED to us before we finalize your refund.

Full refund: you ask for refund of all the products you have ordered.

Partial refund: when you ordered more then one product and you only want refund on some products. Then we deduct the price of the product(s) you do not want and refund this amount. (already shipped products must be sent back unopened and upon arrival we make the actual transaction).

If you have an account on our webshop, you can log in and go to "Returns" - this menu is in the Footer section and also can be found in your personal account page.

If you do not have account, you can use the Return & refund link in the Footer.

Return address: 

VTKG Nordic AB
Kristinebergsvägen 54,

23837 Oxie